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A BSI Challenge for YOU

May 3, 2009

What is BSI you ask?

Blogger Secret Ingredient.

I was contacted last week by Karen from To Be The Whole Package and she asked if I would like to host the next BSI challenge week.  Excited, I said YES! But then.. I had to think “What in the world am I going to pick?”

I have spent the last week trying to come up with something… of course I have had one busy week as well so posting the BSI challenge last Sunday was a no-go for me.  I was then contacted by another blogger saying, ‘where is the bsi challenge? It was supposed to be up by now!"’

As our niece Emily would say… oopsie daisy!

So, bloggers, consider yourselves lucky to have had a week off! But now it’s time to get your thinking caps back on.

I had originally wanted mint. Nope, it’s been done! Week 15!

Then I wanted walnuts, but again… Amy at Coffee talk had used that one in week 13!

Your BSI challenge this week is to use the ingredient:




BSI has been hosted by a number of great bloggers out there!

Week 29: To Be The Whole Package – Almonds

Week 28: Kristas Kravings – Lemon

Week 27: From French Fries To Flax Seeds – Coconut Week

Week 26: Plentiful Plants – Avocado

Week 25: Training Fuel – Eggs

Week 24: Dinner at Christina’s – Cabbage

Week 23: Hey What’s for Dinner, Mom? – Strawberries

Week 22: One Bite at a Time – Basil

Week 21: Just Sweet Enough – Black Beans

Week 20: What I Ate Yesterday – Kale

Week 19: What’s for Dinner – Orange

Week 18: BranAppetit! – Spinach

Week 17: Tales of Expansion – Dates

Week 16: Biggest Diabetic Loser – Zucchini

Week 15: Sweet & Natural – Peppermint

Week 14: bella eats [and runs] – Ginger

Week 13: Coffee Talk – Walnuts

Week 12: For the Love of Oats – Pumpkin

Week 11: Trying to Heal – Sweet Potatoes

Week 10: The Inner Workings of a College Graduate – Eggplant

Week 9: Itzy’s Kitchen – Pears

Week 8: The Fitnessista – Cranberries

Week 7: Tri to Cook – Lentils

Week 6: Rhodey Girl Tests – Polenta

Week 5: Eating Bender – Butternut Squash

Week 4: Care to Eat – Apples

Week 3: On a Lobster Placemat – Mushrooms

Week 2: Hangry Pants – Tomatoes

Week 1: Sportsnutritionliving – Quinoa


Now, before you all start making cherry pie – start thinking! I can’t wait to see the recipes pour in for this one!!! :)

And what does one lucky winner receive for this BSI Challenge?

5 of my favourite tea flavours.. one for each day of the Mon- Fri work week!
(I am also giving away 5 of these as a part of my donation I put together for Shop 4 a Cause)IMG_2134

That’s not all!
You will also receive 5 (yes 5!) UK Style Whole Food Bars…
TREK BARS! (I’ve also given these away in a contest before!)



Amazing, isn’t it? :)

Here are the rules!
1. Create a recipe featuring
2. Take pictures of your finished product
3. Email the recipe and pictures to
4. All entries must be in to me by 1pm EST Saturday, May 9 2009

You don’t want to miss out on this fabulous prize!

IMG_2134           IMG_0849


Ready, set…. GO!

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41 Comments leave one →
  1. May 3, 2009 9:07 am

    Hi Leah!
    Ok, I’ve never really asked all the questions I have about BSI, so I’m still not 100% sure how it all works! Basically we submit our recipe ideas to you for your chosen ingredient, and then you just pick the winner? Cherries is a great idea, I’ll have to put my thinking cap on ;)
    Did you know there’s a third Trek flavor?! A cocoa one?! I can’t find it anywhere but I’m dying to try it!

  2. May 3, 2009 12:26 pm

    CHERRIES!!! Great pick! I think I already have and idea brewing in my head!!!

  3. Sarah permalink
    May 3, 2009 12:27 pm

    Cherry crack wrap? Okay, I promise I won’t do that one…
    But I’ve got nothing but time and creativity on my side!

  4. May 3, 2009 1:01 pm

    Oooh I love cherries! I’ll join in! What fun.. :-)

  5. May 3, 2009 1:29 pm

    Oh fun!! There’s a huge cherry festival in MI at the end of June :)

  6. May 3, 2009 3:06 pm

    That sounds like a lot of fun! Does the recipe have to be healthy though?

  7. May 3, 2009 3:23 pm

    Ohh cherries thats a tough one! I NEVER use cherries! Can they be dried?

  8. May 3, 2009 3:50 pm

    Oh wow, what a great choice! I can’t wait to dive into some delicious cherries!

  9. May 3, 2009 5:31 pm

    Oh yum! The mango passion fruit and raspberry teas look awesome!

  10. May 3, 2009 7:09 pm

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm cherries… if I can whip something up between my exam and my road trip, I’m there. ;)

    (I just had a cherry smoothie by the way.. mmm cherries..)

  11. May 3, 2009 7:40 pm

    oooh im liking this one! Must get thinking…

  12. May 3, 2009 11:58 pm

    Yaaay for your ingredient! ;)

    This one is going to be a tough one for me to make because cherries are nowhere to be found out here (yet). I may have to use the canned kind . . . we’ll see what I come up with!

  13. May 4, 2009 12:24 am

    I’ve got to get my hands on some cherries… I want to enter a BSI contest one of these weeks!!

  14. May 4, 2009 6:57 am

    Mmm, cherries. Sucks that they aren’t in season though, cuz I don’t think you can even get frozen ones around here (not that I’ve ever seen anyways). I’ll have to see if my ol’ brain can come up with something decent.

  15. May 4, 2009 4:39 pm

    Great pick! Thanks for hosting this week! “D


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