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Getting our girl ready for baby

September 3, 2012

Well, it’s September and another school year has started.  This one will be a little bit different since my last day is Oct 19th and then I will be on maternity leave. Assuming this baby doesn’t decide to come earlier of course!

We had a great summer full of adventures and friends, days out, lazy mornings and most of all just time spent together.  This was my last summer where i’ll be a mom to one. It’s surreal to think that soon enough i’ll have two little ones.  When everything has been about Sophie for the last 2+ years it’s hard to imagine anything different!  But we are ready for the changes and excited for them. 


We are doing our best to try to get Sophie ready for this baby.  Baby is (and has been) a part of our family whether she knows it yet or not.  She talks to baby through my tummy and during her bedtime routine i’ll often say, let’s read a story to baby. Steve and I were talking about it last night and although it might seem like her world is going to come crashing down once this little one arrives, it will be something she likely won’t remember.  It’ll be a transition for her, no doubt as all of our attention won’t be solely on her, but Steve and I have discussed how we must make sure to continue to do the things with her that we know she loves.  For instance, she plays with Steve a lot more rough than me.  She knows she can jump all over him and wrestle, whereas she’s a little more gentle with me.  At bedtime and whenever she’s tired or needs comfort she’ll play with my hair while we read.  It’s just something she knows and loves about mommy. I would never want her to feel like things are going to change so drastically that she can’t still do those things.  I was reading an article the other week that actually said once you introduce your toddler to the new baby, make sure your hands are free. If they need/want to sit on your lap or need a cuddle they’ll know it’s okay.  If I was holding the baby and Sophie wanted to come up on my lap and sit, it might be un-nerving for her because she’ll obviously have to be a lot more gentle.  It will be a learning game for all of us!


Sophie went away this past weekend with her grandparents so Steve and I got to work on her new room.  We are moving her into the larger bedroom and keeping her current room (the smaller room) for the nursery.  Before she left, earlier last week we started painting her room.  It was a pretty neutral colour so we wanted to add a bit of colour to it.  We didn’t want to paint the whole room so we decided to do a couple of contrast walls in lilac to go with the already existing purple curtains.  I love the colour anyway, so it worked perfectly.


To say she was desperate to help would be a huge understatement!  She couldn’t wait to get her hands on a paintbrush.  And we let her, why not right?  She had so much fun!


The room is nearly ready.  Her mattress for her new bed will be delivered on Wednesday and she’ll get to sleep in it that night.  When she got home last night all she kept saying was “Wow! Amazing!” hehe… and it isn’t even done yet. We kept trying to explain that she couldn’t sleep in her bed without a mattress.  I cannot wait until the room is official.


Her big girl bed, sans mattress.

I’ll show you there rest of the room once it’s finished!  It was really important to us to get Sophie in her new room before the baby comes to get her used to the change.  So far, I don’t think we are going to have any problems!!

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  1. September 3, 2012 6:24 pm

    I LOVE the bed! Where did you get it? And I love your idea to use a weekend to just get it done, we so need to do that. Eeeek it’s getting so close!

    • fabulous Mom permalink
      September 4, 2012 1:24 pm

      I love her new bed, and the paint colour is perfect! I can’t wait to be there so she can show me her new pretty bedroom. She will probably be showing me lots of things including her new sister/brothers room as well. She is going to be the best big sister, she has so much love to share. Xo

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