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Monday workout– incline intervals

March 11, 2013

Today when I went to the gym I brought Ella to the childcare for the first time.  I was a nervous mama and really didn’t know what to expect when I brought her there.  I have had the form filled out for a few weeks now but for one reason (Dr appt) or another we just hadn’t made it there.  I wasn’t in a huge rush to leave her in their capable hands, but I knew it would be a good thing to fit into our busy schedule.  I’ve been trying to figure out the best times for me to work out.  Mondays and Wednesdays Sophie is in nursery, so if I could get my workout done either with Ella (a walk on a nice day) or bringing her to the childcare it would be great.  Then the other days in the week Steve could watch the kids or we could do the walking thing as well.

I’ve been nervous because Ella has been a bit clingy since returning from Canada. She is fine for the most part but will play strange with people she doesn’t see often.

Thankfully today though she did well!!  One of the ladies who was working took her out of her car seat for me while I was signing her in and Ella did play strange, but not for long!  It was maybe a minute, if that and then she was all smiles again.  I left for about 50 minutes and when I came back she was fast asleep.

I kept thinking about what Kelly said to me “if they need you, you are literally only a minute away”… and I was…up a flight of stairs in the gym. No biggie.

I did an incline treadmill workout and I was sweatin’!  After a 2 min warm up (walking 4mph) I restarted the treadmill and this is what I did:

Time (mins) Speed (mph) Incline %
1 to 3 4 2
3 to 5 4 5
5 to 7 4 7
7 to 9 3.7 9
9 to 10 3.7 12
10 to 12 6 0
12 to 14 6.5 0
14 to 16 7 0
16 to 17 4 5
17 to 18 4 7
18 to 20 4 9
20 to 21 4 12
21 to 23 3.7 13
23 to 25 3.7 14
25 to 26 3.7 15
26 to 27 6 0
27 to 28 6.5 0
28 to 29 6.9 0
29 to 30 7 0


I didn’t write the workout down, but this is basically how it went.  I LOVE doing incline intervals. I love walking at a really high incline and then running it out.  It’s almost like running out the tightness that your legs start to feel when walking on an incline.

Altogether I covered 2.28 miles and climbed 592 feet in 30ish minutes. 

workout summary

I plan to keep doing workouts like this one!!  I’ve found a few great ones like these from Julie at peanut butter fingers.

After ward I did a bit of a strength work out.  Planks, lunges, squats.  I can thank Lindsay for the ideas.  I read her blog post this morning just before going to the gym.  Great timing!

The rest of the day was spent doing house stuff, playing with Ella, a trip to the post office, a grocery shop etc!  It was a busy day!

Lots of time for cuddles though!


Hope you enjoyed your Monday!

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  1. April 9, 2013 9:57 pm

    Leah, it’s very impressive that you make time to take care of your own body with an interval workout. Have you ever tried using one of those running prams? I’ve seen some people using them in Richmond Park, they strike me as a good way for parents to work out running and make sure the kids are okay. Cheers!

    • April 10, 2013 8:45 am

      Yes! I definitely wish I had a single running stroller. I wish they weren’t so expensive otherwise we would likely buy one. We have three strollers at the moment including a double one for both kids and that IS a running stroller so I will be taking that to the park this summer! I’ve been waiting for the weather to get nicer and Ella to get a bit older for it. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Louise permalink
    May 24, 2013 10:24 am

    Do you have any tips for working mums? Trying to get fit myself and find like most working mums it’s not that easy. I do my workouts in the evening once i’ve put my 7 year old to bed. I do find though, like most women, I get cravings in the evening whilst (eventually) sat watching tv and can easily pick my way through half a days calories which kinda defeats the whole exercise thing. Yes I have tried having only healthy things in the house, but did you know there are calories in everything!!! so not fair. And I have a 7 year old, so there is always temptation around. I have found a brilliant product that stops that though and it’s all natural. It called green coffee bean extract and it completely stops cravings!! actually it stops you feeling hungry at all and I literally have to remember to eat. but because i’m not feeling hungry i make better food choices than the normal carb based filler uppers. anyway, i wanted to share my discovery with you and all the other normal mum’s out there who just need a bit of help. This is the link to the one I buy.

    It’s the best I’ve tried and although I thought it was a little expensive to try, it has saved me more than that in the cost of food i’m not eating lol. The website it’s on is really good too if you, like me, take vitamins or supplements and their skin products are wonderful and natural. Anyway. keep up the hard work with the blog :)

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